Get out of the realm of virtual games!

Mankind is faced with the need to abruptly change the system of descriptions of reality, the system that until recently has formed and continues to form the global human matrix. The most important aspect of this system, which must be destroyed, is the sincere belief that being, the environment, the cohesion of the irrevocable laws of the external world forms the basis on which human consciousness relies.

“Being determines consciousness”, this maxim of Marx prevails not only over the minds of economic materialists, but in general over the average modern expert community, the roots of which, by and large, differ little from the Feuerbach-Engels paradigm. One of the most stable tools for the formation of this matrix is   the so-called geopolitics. In its symbolic abstract expression, it is most clearly manifested in Chinese historical and political constructions: North against South, East against West, West against Center, etc.

Geopolitical methodology is absolutely empty and meaningless. Therefore, the first steps of a new worldview must begin with the breaking of these stereotypes. West and East – secondary, or rather virtual poles – are playing a fascinating game that in the minds of the masses replaces and displaces the class struggle, caste confrontation, the war of religious and sacred paradigms. Any attempt to formulate a post-Marxist worldview of protest runs into this!

By removing geopolitics, we bring the passionary element out of the realm of virtual games to where blood really flows and it connects with the soil. But this soil is not \”below\”, but \”above\”. And this connection of the blood of the martyrs with the sky above us has nothing to do with the politicized \”sides of the world\”, the straits, and the resources that have not yet been completely sawn.

Overcoming descriptions, that have lost their sense, introduces us into the realm of a new silence, in which God\’s orders, barely hearable, and then mercilessly loud, begin to sound.