About us

The project Poistine was established in 2012 and aimed at enacting an intellectual discussion platform of urgent problems in the Islamic community and developing a new paradigm of religious and political thought, a kind of Liberation Theology. The intention was to intellectually confront the existing system of oppression and global injustice opposing neoliberal economic and political approach and at the same time searching for a new basis of fellowship for people of different nationalities.

Heydar Dzhemal, the well-known thinker with his own philosophical system and vivid political figure in Russia during  the 1990s and until his death in 2016, was the founder of this project. He was also a co-founder of the Left Front Movement, the Head of the Florian Geyer Conceptual Club (http://www.floriangeyer.info) and the leader of the International Union that dealt with the problems of labour migrants from Central Asia.

The project is currently focused on two areas:

  1. The development of media angle that forms the image of intellectual Islam which finds common ground with the international leftist agenda, fighting against globalism and global ravaging capitalism. It also involves initiation of a full-fledged political self-consciousness among the Muslims in former USSR countries whose lack of understanding of political issues makes it possible for local ruling circles to establish dictatorships of the most severe type.
  2. The establishment of a dialogue platform for the development of common theoretical and practical approaches for the representatives of the Russian Federation nations in order to enact a real federal country. There is no real democracy in Russia. Federalization is an important part of it. It is crucial to intensify work on discussing the topic of the post Putin future of Russia.

Our work consists of YouTube streams with political analysis and current affairs commentary of our own experts and opinion leaders in politics and business from post Soviet countries. We also host both public and private meetings and round table discussions with various top specialists to ensure a high level of debate.

We bring together people in seminars and promote critical thinking and historical research by implementing specially devised lectures. The conclusion of our educational and research activities is reflected in the articles of various authors on our website publications section.

Ruslan Aysin is Poistine’s current Editor-in-Chief, a well-known political analyst and public figure who stands for human rights and the principles of federalism and regionalism. He is also a co-founder of the Democratic Congress of the Peoples of Russia.

The members of the editorial board are Russia and worldwide established journalists:

Murat Temirov, who has worked for Radio Liberty and other international media resources for a number of years, he is a human rights activist and lecturer.

Nadezhda Kevorkova, a publicist who worked in major Russian media such as Novaya Gazeta, Gazeta, she is also the author of a number of books on Palestine.

Artem Khan, is an International Relations specialist. Former analyst at Central Asian Free Market Institute.

Orkhan Dzhemal, the son of Heydar Dzhemal and one of the most prominent journalists and publicists in Russia, was a member of the editorial board until he was killed in the Central African Republic by Russian special services in 2018.